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18-wheeler trucks, even without their load, can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. After they’re loaded? 100,000 pounds. These colossal machines are difficult to control at such weights, and can easily run over any other passenger vehicles in their path. Overloaded trucks, on the other hand, can be nearly impossible to operate safely, and often lead to catastrophic collisions.

The weight of trucks is regulated closely by the federal and state laws. An overloaded truck can easily lead to devastation, and when that happens, we at Peters & Nolan, LLC want to be there to provide help as well as hold those responsible accountable for their negligence. If you or a loved one have been injured due to an overloaded truck, contact a Grand Junction overloaded truck accident attorney at (970) 243-4357. We want to hear about your case.

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Colorado Truck Weight Laws

Truck weight is regulated by both state and federal laws. Colorado, like most states, limits the amount a truck can carry by its axels. A truck may carry no more than 20,000 pounds per axle. A tractor trailer will often have two to three axles, although some meant for heavy loads could have up to five or more. That does not mean, however, that the total weight limit is determined by the number of axles. In Colorado, a semi-truck may not weigh more than 110,000 pounds.

While permits can be obtained to overload a truck, those will also have limits. On top of that, if a company sends out an overloaded truck before officially being granted a permit, then they are still breaking the law and acting in a negligent manner.

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Common Causes of Overloaded Trucks

Overloaded trucks are incredibly dangerous. The extra weight can cause many problems for the machine and for the driver, and these problems often result in an accident. Some of the common ways that an overloaded truck can cause an accident include:

  • The driver fails to avoid a collision with other vehicles or fixed objects due to the extra weight
  • The road beneath the truck crumbles or gives way due to the weight
  • The tires of the truck burst
  • The truck jackknifes as a combined result of a road hazard and the extra weight
  • The truck has a rollover accident because the center of gravity is off
  • The truck driver does not give themselves enough time to stop
  • The brake on the truck become worn down from extra friction caused by the weight

How ever the truck accident happened, it was most likely devastating, and caused a great deal of harm to those driving near the truck. Truck drivers and trucking companies may not always take the threat of harming other people seriously, but at Peters and & Nolan, LLC certainly do. We want to help you hold those at fault responsible. If you have been harmed in an overloaded truck accident, the first step to receiving compensation is determining who is liable for your injuries. Our attorneys have years of experience with truck accidents claims, and will be able to help you determine who is truly at fault.

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Determining Liability in an Overloaded Truck Case

When it comes to truck accident cases, there are several parties that could be at fault. Determining liability will depend on the facts of your case. That being said, the most common at fault parties we have seen include:

The truck driver: The driver is responsible for their vehicle. While they may not be the one personally loading the truck, they still may hold some responsibility if they lost control of the truck due to negligence such as speeding or distracted driving. Truckers are also required to stop at weighing stations that can be found on highways and freeways. If they neglect to do so, and their overloaded truck causes an accident, they could be found liable.

The trucking company: It’s no secret that many companies put profits over the safety of others. Many companies willfully break laws and regulations in order to make more money. A trucking company may choose to ignore truck weight laws in order to ship more goods, and thus make a higher profit per truck.

The manufacturer: When it comes to cases of overloaded trucks, it is unlikely that the manufacturer will be the sole liable party. However, they may still be partially at fault if the tires, axels, or brake of the truck stopped working sooner than they should have, even with the extra weight.

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Everyone has the right to be safe while on our roadways. We at Peters & Nolan, LLC believe that trucking companies should be held liable when they act in a negligent manner, and we also believe that our Grand Junction truck accident attorneys are the one to do it. No one should get away with putting other people’s lives at risk. If you or a loved one have been injured due to an overloaded truck, contact our firm at (970) 243-4357 today.

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