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Level I and Level II DUI Education and Therapy

If you’ve been charged with DUI in Colorado, it is likely that you’ll be required to attend DUI education classes and therapy. In fact, even if your charges are dismissed, you may still face these requirements.

Colorado’s goal is to reduce DUI recidivism and prevent relapse. The cognitive behavioral therapy-based curriculum of these programs examines how a person thinks about certain situations, and how those thoughts influence how they act. For example, a person who knows he’s moderately impaired from drinking at a bar may consider driving home. Because the distance between the bar and his home is pretty short, he thinks it is safe to get behind the wheel. This is distorted thinking, because the distance between the bar and his home does not matter – he can crash in the parking lot due to one mistake in judgment.

This type of DUI education seeks to align more realistic thinking with healthier, more positive behaviors. This is achieved through activities and group discussions designed to bring a new awareness about the dangers and consequences of drinking and driving. Attendees of these programs will be educated as to the impact drunk driving can have on them, their loved ones, and the community; including the financial costs, effects on employment, having a criminal record, the loss of freedom, and the overall stress involved.

Level I and II DUI education and therapy are available at the following Grand Junction locations:

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21st Judicial District (Mesa County)

Alpha Center

Address:1170 Colorado Ave.
Grand Junction, CO 81501
Telephone Number: (970) 241-2948

Colorado West Regional Mental Heath Center

Address: 515 28 3/4 Road Bldg A.
Grand Junction, CO 81501
Telephone Number: (970) 241-6023

Inner Journey Counseling

Address: 735 South Ave.
Grand Junction, CO 81501
Telephone Number: (970) 242-1433

Mesa County Criminal Justice Services

Address: 636 South Ave
Grand Junction, CO 81501
Telephone Number: (970) 244-3346

Personal Growth Counseling

Address: 524 30 Road Suite 5B
Grand Junction, CO 81501
Telephone Number: (970) 523-5282

Salvation Army

Address: 1235 N4th Street
Grand Junction, CO 81501
Telephone Number: (970) 242-3343

Tesla Center Counseling

Address: 515 28 Road Bldg. B #101
Grand Junction, CO 81501
Telephone Number: (970) 270-4108

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