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DMV Forms to Reinstate your Driver's License in Colorado

Below, please find a list of forms that you will need to fill out and mail to the Colorado Department of Revenue in order to reinstate your driver's license if your driver's license has been revoked for an alcohol offense. Please keep in mind that each case may require different forms and not all the forms that are listed below. We advise you to contact the Department of Revenue's Driver Services Division at (303) 205-5613 to confirm the specific requirements for reinstating your driving privilege.

In addition to the forms listed above you will also need to provide the DMV with SR-22 (which you can get from your insurance provider) and a signed copy of each interlock agreement and of each installation certificate.

It takes the Colorado Department of Revenue approximately three weeks to process all reinstatement paperwork. So be sure that you mail all required documents at least three weeks before your reinstatement date to limit the time you will have to go without a driver's license.

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