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How Are Marijuana Offenses Classified in Colorado?

In 2012, Colorado voters legalized the use of recreational cannabis. When the law went into effect in 2014, Colorado joined Washington as the second state in the country to go against federal law and allow people to consume cannabis legally for non-medical purposes. But while it is legal to enjoy cannabis, there are still regulations governing its cultivation, distribution, and consumption, and it’s still possible to be charged with a cannabis crime.

With Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) continually updating the regulations, it’s easy for people to run afoul of the law without realizing it. In addition, while it may be legal in Colorado, cannabis is still federally prohibited. A conviction for a marijuana offense could affect a person’s ability to gain employment in other states or with the federal government.

That’s why you need to fight against cannabis charges, even minor ones. At Peters & Nolan, LLC, we know the latest regulations and we’re prepared to vigorously defend our clients to the best of our ability. Call our Grand Junction drug crime lawyers today at (970) 243-4357 to learn more.

Chart of Crime Classifications fo Marijuana Offenses

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What Are the Current Possession Laws Regarding Cannabis?

Now that cannabis is legal, it’s no longer against the law to possess small amounts. However, a person is only allowed to possess up to 1 ounce of cannabis. If you are found to possess more than an ounce, you can be charged and penalized as follows:

  • From 1 - 2 ounces: Petty offense, $100 fine
  • From 2 - 6 ounces: Class 2 misdemeanor, up to 12 months in jail, and up to a $1,000 fine
  • From 6 - 12 ounces: Class 1 misdemeanor, up to 18 months in jail, and up to a $5,000 fine
  • More than 12 ounces of cannabis, or 3 ounces of cannabis concentrate: Class 6 felony, up to 18 months in jail, and up to a $100,000 fine

To be charged with possession, you must have physical control of the cannabis; for instance, it is in a bag that belongs to you, in your car, in your place of residence, or in a locker that belongs to you.

The above laws are for people who are 21 or over. If you are younger than 21, no amount of cannabis is legal. There are also limitations to how many plants a person can grow for personal use. Of-age residents can have up to six plants, while a single household can have no more than 12. Furthermore, all plants must be kept in an enclosed, locked space that is not visible to the public.

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What Other Cannabis Crimes Could I Be Charged With?

Colorado bans driving while under the influence of drugs (DUID). The Colorado Department of Transportation states, “drivers with five nanograms of active tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in their whole blood can be prosecuted for driving under the influence (DUI). However, no matter the level of THC, law enforcement officers base arrests on observed impairment.” A charge of DUID is treated just as seriously as a charge of DUI.

Other crimes an individual might be charged with include the sale of cannabis to a minor, or consuming cannabis in an off-limits location. Cannabis businesses are also under strict supervision and must abide by all licensing regulations. Authorities at both the state and federal level are highly alert to when cannabis growers sell their product across state lines, particularly to states where cannabis is not currently legal.

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Call a Grand Junction Marijuana Defense Lawyer

It would be a mistake to assume a cannabis crime is no longer a big deal. Like any drug offense, a conviction can be costly for your wallet and your reputation. If you or a loved one is under suspicion of a cannabis violation on the Western Slope, the criminal defense attorneys at Peters & Nolan, LLC, are ready to help. Contact us today at (970) 243-4357 to schedule a free consultation.

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Case Results

  • Charges: Distribution of marijuana (7-10 pounds)
    Result: Dismissed prior to trial
  • Charges: Possession with intent to distribute cocaine and marijuana
    Result: Dismissed

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∗ Not all criminal cases are the same. These results are from actual cases handled by the attorneys at Peters & Nolan, LLC. This is not a representation, guarantee or promise as to the results or outcome of your particular matter.

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