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LSD, also known as acid, dots, and tab, is a powerful drug that can cause extreme hallucinations when taken, even in doses as low as 25 micrograms. Created in the 1930s, LSD has a long history of use around the world. These days, however, it is strictly prohibited in the United States, and those found to be using or selling LSD are often punished harshly.

If you have been accused of an LSD crime, you may be feeling frightened over what your future holds. Will you be found guilty? How long of a prison sentence will you be facing? Will you be labeled a felon? These questions can seem scary, but with a knowledgeable legal team, you may be able to build a strong defense. At Peters & Nolan, LLC, our Grand Junction LSD defense attorneys have years of experience working with clients accused of drug crimes. With us by your side, all your questions will be answered, and you can rest assured you have the best legal team in Grand Junction. If you or a loved one are facing LSD crime charges, call us at (970) 243-4357.

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What Is LSD?

Lysergic acid diethylamide, more commonly known as LSD, is a psychedelic drug that is meant to cause hallucinations, as well as shift one’s mood. It is an ingested drug that comes in multiple forms, such as a tablet, gelatin, or liquid. While LSD supposedly opens your mind to a spiritual experience, many people become incredibly anxious, panicked, and paranoid while on it. It can be an incredibly dangerous drug, and as a result, the Colorado government takes LSD crimes very seriously.

LSD is classified as a Schedule I drug in Colorado. Drug Schedules are based on how addictive a drug is, as well as if it has any medical use. Schedule I drugs have no common medical use and are considered highly addictive. This also means they are closely monitored by the government, and those found to be in possession, using, or distributing the drug can be punished harshly.

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LSD Crimes: Penalties

As previously mentioned, LSD is a Schedule I drug, meaning the penalties you can face for illegally using or selling it can be incredibly steep. That being said, the exact penalties rely on the crime that has been committed. If you have been accused of using LSD unlawfully, you may face:

  • Up to 120 days in jail
  • A fine of up to $500
  • Probation of up to one year

Thankfully, there are ways to lessen your punishment. For example, if it is your first charge of unlawful LSD use, you may be allowed into a drug education and treatment program. If this program is successfully completed, then your charges may be completely dropped, and it is possible there will be no further penalties.

However, just as there are ways to lessen your punishment, there are also ways to make them harsher. If you are facing your third charge of LSD use, then your jail sentence can be lengthened to 180 days, rather than the usual 120.

Possession of LSD is a wobbler in Colorado, meaning that you can face misdemeanor or felony charges depending on whether or not it is your first charge. A misdemeanor charge of possession includes:

  • Up to 180 days in jail
  • A fine up to $1,000
  • Probation of up to two years

Similarly, like charges of use, first-time offenders may also be given the option of completing a drug treatment program. Successful completion of the program could result in dropped charges, meaning you may not have to face jail time or pay a fine.

In contrast, penalties for felony possession are much harsher and will impact your life outside of jail. Felons have certain rights stripped of them, such as the right to own firearms, the right to vote, and the right to be employed at certain government-affiliated jobs. Your penalties for a felony possession charge may include:

  • 6 to 12 months in jail
  • A fine of up to $100,000

The penalties associated with the distribution of LSD will depend on the amount you are charged with selling. As LSD is a Schedule I drug, selling it is considered a very serious offense, and a potential threat to the community. It is not a wobbler, meaning distribution is always considered a felony crime. On top of that, there are no programs readily available to those charged with distribution, so unlike with use or possession, you will likely not be able to get the charges dropped if you are found guilty.

The penalties for LSD distribution are:

  • Distribution of 14 grams or less: 2 to 4 years in prison with fines of $2,000 to $500,000
  • Distribution of 14 grams to 225 grams: 4 to 8 years in prison with fines of $3,000 to $750,000
  • Distribution of more than 225 grams: 8 to 32 years in prison with fines of $5,000 to $1 million

If you are charged with selling to a minor, or, in the case that you are a minor and are charged with selling to someone two or more years younger than you, then the penalties you face will mirror those of distributing more than 225 grams. Meaning you could face between 8 to 32 years in prison and be issued fines anywhere between $5,000 to $1 million.

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Building a Strong Defense Against Your Charges

Given how seriously the courts take LSD crimes, you may assume that creating a successful defense is impossible. The good news is that with a skilled criminal defense attorney providing you strong legal support, you may be able to receive reduced charges or even have your charges dropped altogether. As Grand Junction drug crime lawyer ourselves, our legal team at Peters & Nolan, LLC have helped many clients facing drug crime charges in the state of Colorado. Some of our more common defenses include:

  • The LSD did not belong to you
  • You were unaware the LSD was on your person or property
  • You knew that you were in possession of pills, but were unaware the pills were LSD
  • The arresting officers practiced misconduct during their search and arrest
  • The LSD found was seized unlawfully and cannot be used as evidence against you

Not just anyone can provide you with a good defense. Finding the correct defense strategy for you will depend on the facts of the case and a thorough investigation. A seasoned attorney will look into the circumstances of your arrest, poke holes in the prosecution's story, and bring together expert witnesses on your behalf.

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Providing the Best Legal Aid Possible

Building a proper defense case for LSD crimes is no easy task. Colorado takes Schedule I drug offenses incredibly seriously. However, with an excellent team by your side, you may be able to walk out of court cleared of all charges. Drug crimes can completely ruin your life, label you a felon, and leave you wasting away in jail. Do not give the prosecution an easy win. If you want the best in criminal defense on the Western Slope, contact a Grand Junction criminal defense lawyer at Peters & Nolan, LLC by calling (970) 243-4357.

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