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Being accused of a crime, any crime, can have a serious impact on your life. Though the term “petty crime” may conjure up images of a light slap on the wrist for your punishment, that isn’t always the case. Unfortunately, not everyone holds to the ideal of innocent until proven guilty. Police, believing that you are a criminal, will often load the charges on in order to punish you to the full extent of the law.

If you are being accused of petty theft, then you need a good defense team. The moment you are arrested, request a lawyer and contact the legal team at Peters & Nolan, LLC at (970) 243-4357. Our Grand Junction theft defense attorneys can immediately begin building a defense case to counter the prosecution’s accusations.

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What Is Petty Theft?

When you are accused of petty theft, it means that it is believed that you have stolen items, property, or money that is worth less than $500. For the crime to actually be considered theft, the property must have been taken without the owner’s consent. For example, if a friend leant you a watch, that would not be theft, as you borrowed the item. However, if you took the watch without obtaining consent, then it would be theft.

Common types of petty theft include:

  • Shoplifting
  • Stealing from your place of employment
  • Stealing from a friend or family member

Petty theft can also, and often does, come along with other charges. Police officers who think you have committed petty theft may also charge you with trespassing, robbery, and other offenses that can lengthen your sentence.

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The Consequences of a Petty Theft Conviction

Though the term “petty” means minor or small, petty theft can still result in extreme consequences. Petty theft is classified as a misdemeanor, so the punishments often won’t be as harsh as more serious crimes. However, as stated above, you are likely to be charged with more offenses, on top of petty theft, so that the courts can make your punishment stricter.

Probation: The typical probation period for petty theft is about one year.

Jail Time: The average jail sentence is three months to one year.

Fines: Oftentimes, in the case of petty theft, you will be expected to pay restitution to the victim, as well as pay a fine of $250 to $1000.

Even if the punishments for petty theft are less severe than they are for other crimes, your life could still be left in shambles. Being convicted of a crime will often impact your relationships, as people may feel they cannot trust you, your professional life, especially if you are facing jail time, and your ability to obtain employment in the future.

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Peters & Nolan, LLC Is Here To Help

We believe that our clients are innocent until proven guilty. Even with the odds stacked against us, we gladly go into court and fight for those who need us. If you have been accused of petty theft, chances are that you feel confused, afraid, and unsure of what life will throw at you next. Call Peters & Nolan, LLC at (970) 243-4357, and let us help you through this trying time. Our attorneys know the ropes, and have years of experience under our belts. Time is of the essence, so don’t delay, contact us today.

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