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Whether They’ve Arrested You or Just Suspect You, Call Now

At Peters & Nolan, LLC, we diligently represent and provide a voice for those under investigation or charged with criminal offenses, ranging from minor traffic offenses and misdemeanors to major violent felonies. Our representation is geared towards your circumstances and protects your constitutional rights. We personally discuss your unique situation with you, provide an honest assessment, and treat every client with courtesy and respect.

If your future is in jeopardy, you need experienced, compassionate, and aggressive representation. Contact us today so we can start helping you with your case. If you have additional questions, contact us at (970) 243-4357 for information regarding your criminal defense issue.

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They Were Very Knowledgeable...

“On a personal note, they made what was a very difficult and uncomfortable situation much easier to deal with. I had never been in trouble with the law before and was very concerned with the entire process. ”
- Anonymous

Your Reputation Is at Stake

In America, we have an inalienable right to be considered innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately, the way our legal system works these days, it’s getting harder and harder for innocent defendants to clear their names. Thanks to the internet and social media, even before charges have been brought, a simple accusation is enough to smear someone’s reputation.

A vigorous defense may be your best option to not only get your case resolved in a satisfactory manner, but to clear your name as well. Every second you wait to consult a lawyer gives police and prosecutors time to build a case against you. Don’t leave your future in the hands of officials who have a vested interest in finding you guilty.

If you have been accused of a crime on the Western Slope, it can have far-reaching implications for both your professional and personal standing. In this day and age, companies are under tremendous pressure to steer clear of negative publicity, and this includes the bad attention that can be brought when one of their employees is arrested. In the past, employers were more likely to wait as the legal process played out, and would only take action after a conviction. Now, an arrest may be enough for them to suspend you, or fire you altogether.

At Peters & Nolan, LLC, we fully assess each situation on an individual basis, tailoring your defense to the charge. We work quickly to build up your case, whether that means working to have the sentence you are facing reduced, striving to get the case wrapped up as quickly as possible, or fighting to have the charges dropped altogether.

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Alternative Sentencing

Colorado has options available to defendants to avoid convictions and jail time. These alternative sentencing choices are often open exclusively to first-time offenders, or for certain types of crimes.

For instance, we have the Colorado Alternative Sentencing Programs (CASP), which was established in 1984 thanks to Colorado Revised Statute 18-1.3-501, which called for community service options to take the place of harsher sentencing. The program monitors court-ordered public service hours, reports to the courts upon completion, and files complaints for non-compliance.

Another option for those charged with alcohol or drug-related crimes is to enter into a diversion program. You undergo a drug or alcohol treatment program, and successful completion of the program can lead to the charges being dropped.

Other alternative sentencing options include work release programs, home detention or electronic monitoring (e.g. ankle bracelets), ignition interlock systems, and more. Eligibility for such programs varies from county to county, and it often is up to the defendant or the defendant’s lawyer to propose alternative sentencing.

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What Criteria Should You Use When Picking an Attorney?

Selecting an attorney is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever have to make. Your future depends on their expertise and professionalism. Pick a firm that has a successful track record trying cases similar to yours. You don't want to rely on a corporate lawyer to defend you in a DUI case. Take the time to meet with your prospective attorney and let him or her review your case. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

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The legal team at Peters & Nolan, LLC, offers high-quality representation throughout the state of Colorado. Andrew J. Peters and Andrew J. Nolan have a reputation as aggressive trial lawyers, and we have successfully tried and settled countless cases in the areas of criminal defense, DUI/DWAI, and personal injury.

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Case Results

  • Charges: Hunting a bear without a license and hunting a bear with dogs
    Result: Not guilty at trial
  • Charges: Solicitation to obtain and possess explosives
    Result: Probation, deferred sentence, NO JAIL
  • Charges: Sexual assault on a child
    Result: Deferred judgement

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∗ Not all criminal cases are the same. These results are from actual cases handled by the attorneys at Peters & Nolan, LLC. This is not a representation, guarantee or promise as to the results or outcome of your particular matter.

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Peters & Nolan, LLC is your ideal source for high quality legal representation throughout the state of Colorado. Known for being personable and responsive, attorneys Andrew J. Peters and Andrew Nolan are aggressive trial lawyers with an excellent record of trying and settling cases in criminal defense, DUI/DWAI and personal injury.