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Protecting Your Rights

Motor vehicle accidents cause a lot of stress and trauma, and a motorcycle passenger who is injured in an accident faces unique challenges. Although passengers are rarely at fault in motorcycle accidents, you may have incurred serious injuries that could require extensive medical care, including hospitalization and a lengthy period of rehabilitation. This will dramatically impact your life and your ability to earn a living.

The state of Colorado allows you to seek damages from any of the parties who may be responsible for your pain and suffering. This includes the motorcycle driver, the driver of any other vehicles involved in the crash, manufacturers of faulty equipment, and government authorities and others who are responsible for maintaining a safe driving environment. You may also be able to receive compensation from your own insurance company.

The most important thing to remember is that you must protect yourself. That’s why you need your own personal injury attorney, someone who is on your side and will get you the best possible settlement. At Peters & Nolan, LLC, our dedicated Grand Junction motorcycle accident attorneys have the talent and experience to fight for your rights. Call (970) 243-4357 today to schedule your FREE consultation.

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What to Do After the Accident

We know this is a difficult time, but there are certain things you will want to do as quickly as possible after you have been in a motorcycle accident. If anyone is injured, call 911 right away. But even if no one is hurt, the police must be notified about any accident that results in injuries or property damage.

Following an accident, you will want to collect the names, contact information, and insurance information from everyone involved. If there are any witnesses, interview them right away if possible. It’s also important to take notes regarding all the information you collect.

It is essential to take pictures of damaged vehicles and the accident scene from a variety of different angles. If you notice any hazardous road conditions that may have contributed to the accident such as potholes or loose gravel, capture photos of this as well. As soon as you can, it’s time to find yourself a personal injury lawyer who has experience with passengers injured in motorcycle accidents.

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Who Can Be Held Liable for Your Injuries?

The term liability refers to who can be held legally responsible for an accident. Anyone who is found liable for the harm you suffer as a passenger in a motorcycle accident can be made to pay for the cost of your damages, and this means paying for medical care for the physical injuries you have sustained in addition to any other costs related to the accident.

One or more parties may be held liable for your accident. Your attorney will go over the facts of your case with you to determine which of the responsible parties can be required to pay damages. Responsible parties may include:

  • The motorcycle operator: Any type of driver has a duty of care to for their passenger. That means a motorcycle driver should never be speeding, driving recklessly, ignoring road signs and hazards, or driving while impaired.
  • Drivers of any other vehicles involved: Motorcycles are often difficult to see, and drivers frequently change lanes without first checking to see if it’s clear. There can even be multiple at-fault drivers in a single accident. This would include a driver who recklessly veers into a lane, causing another driver to collide with a motorcycle.
  • Your own insurance provider. Unfortunately, many motorcycle accidents involve hit-and-run drivers. In these cases, your uninsured motorist coverage should cover your damages.
  • Anyone responsible for road maintenance: Any hazards along the roadway such as grooves and uneven pavement or poorly marked or malfunctioning traffic sign and signals are the legal responsibility of local town, county, or state governments. The owners of private property such as an apartment or condominium can also be held responsible in some cases.
  • Motorcycle repair shops or parts manufacturers: For example, if the motorcycle involved in an accident has faulty brakes, the company that manufactured the part, a mechanic or a custom builder who worked on the bike may be held liable. To preserve evidence, ask the motorcycle owner not to make any repairs of potentially damaged equipment until your lawyer has had a chance to inspect it.

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Our Attorneys Are Here to Help

A passenger who is the victim of a motorcycle accident is in a vulnerable position. That’s because you are not in control of the situation, but you can still sustain serious and even life-threatening injuries. This is further complicated by the fact that a number of different people can be at-fault for a single incident.

If you or someone you care about has been involved in a motorcycle accident as a passenger, it’s time to take action. Call Peters & Nolan, LLC, to schedule a FREE consultation. If we take on your case, you will be in the hands of professionals who will relentlessly pursue the maximum payout. Call (970) 243-4357 today.

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