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While driving to work in the morning, you look over to the car next to you and realize, in horror, that the driver has fallen asleep. Their car begins to drift towards you, and you blare on your horn. The sound wakes them up, but they don’t hit the brakes in time, and before you know it you become the victim of a fatigued driver.

There is something bone-chilling about recognizing that a driver near you is acting in negligence. All drivers have a responsibility to keep those around them safe, but not everyone takes that responsibility seriously. That is why our Grand Junction fatigued driving accident attorneys at Peters & Nolan, LLC are dedicated to helping victims of drowsy drivers. When someone gets behind the wheel exhausted, they are making a decision to endanger everyone around them. Such negligence deserves consequences. If you have been injured by a fatigued driver, call our firm at (970) 243-4357. We are ready to help.

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Why Fatigued Driving Is Dangerous

There are countless organizations designed to combat drunk driving in America. After all, intoxicated drivers are incredibly dangerous, but what most people don’t realize is that driving while overly tired can be just as risky. Fatigued drivers share many of the same issues as drunk drivers but can be harder to detect. There is no breathalyzer for tiredness. This means tired drivers often fly under the radar and can cause catastrophic damage. Tired drivers may suffer from:

  • The inability to stay awake behind the wheel
  • Foggy thoughts
  • Lowered reaction times
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • A reduction in alertness
  • Impaired judgment

With all of these factors, fatigued drivers can, and often do, cause serious accidents. Their victims are likely to suffer from catastrophic injuries that can last a lifetime. The fact of the matter is overly tired drivers are dangerous and act in extreme negligence.

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The Lifelong Impact of Fatigued Driving

Any car accident is dangerous. However, given that fatigued drivers have a lowered reaction time and have difficulties concentrating, an overly tired motorist will likely not hit their brakes until right before the collision. This will not give their vehicle enough time to truly slow down to minimize damage. That means an accident with a fatigued driver will likely cause catastrophic injuries. Common auto accident injuries include:

These kinds of injuries can have lasting consequences. Even if you don’t end up with a disability, chances are high that you will walk away from the accident with severe scars. Sadly, it is not uncommon for victims of fatigued drivers to die in the accident or on their way to the hospital. If you lost a loved one due to a tired driver, you deserve justice and proper compensation. At Peters & Nolan, LLC, our lawyers can help guide you through the painful wrongful death claim process, so that you can continue to support your family.

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Fatigued Drivers: How to Spot Them

Knowing what a fatigued driver looks like and how they behave is one of the best ways to keep yourself and your passengers safe. While it is never your responsibility to counter someone else’s negligence, the road is a dangerous place full of unsafe drivers. Nothing should come above your own health and safety. Some signs a driver is overly tired are:

  • Veering off into a different lane or off the road
  • Swerving side to side
  • Excessively high or low speeds
  • Drivers appearing asleep, even just for a few seconds
  • Sudden stops and starts
  • Running red lights or stop signs
  • Failing to avoid objects in the road or other vehicles

If you notice these signs, it would be best for you to avoid the driver. You should either allow them to pass or take the nearest turn so that you are no longer on the same road as them. If you are in the car with a fatigued driver, then you should ask them to pull over where it is safe and take a rest period before continuing to drive. Or, if you are legally allowed and feel safe doing so, offer to driver for them. That way you can ensure that you and the driver, as well as the people on the road around you, are safe.

Knowing the signs of a fatigued driver can also help you following an accident. When a serious accident occurs, police officers usually arrive on the scene along with medical professionals to take notes for an official report, determine if charges need to be filed, and to make sure everyone is okay. The at-fault driver may not want to admit that they fell asleep at the wheel, and the adrenaline rush of an accident will most likely wake them up. This means that a police officer may not be able to tell that the at-fault driver was fatigued. You can inform the officer of the behavior you observed before the accident, so that they can include it in the report. Do not try to place fault, but make sure to include any observations or details that you saw. Doing so may help your claim later on.

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The Liability of a Drowsy Driver

Drivers owe each other a duty of care. This means that they should do everything in their power to keep others safe while on the road by driving safely and responsibly. Driving while overly tired is an act of negligence and thus breaches that duty of care. There is no excuse for driving while fatigued, especially when it reaches the point where the driver is beginning to fall asleep at the wheel.

Unfortunately, in their attempt to avoid paying for their client’s mistakes, the adverse insurance provider will likely try to hide behind the “the driver was just tired” excuse. No one should try to excuse drunk driving, and they should give fatigued driving the same treatment. However, convincing the insurance company of that can be difficult. That is why you need an experienced attorney to provide support and guide you through the claims process.

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We Are Here to Help

As passionate advocates for auto accident victims, our team at Peters & Nolan, LLC understands that you are likely feeling stressed, scared, and alone. A car accident can leave you in extreme financial strain, on top of severely injured. No one should have to pay for a mistake that wasn’t theirs. Thankfully, you do have options. If you or a loved one have been injured by a fatigued driver, then call our firm at (970) 243-4357. We are highly skilled Grand Junction auto accident attorneys and are prepared to help you.

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