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On-demand services and shopping online have only been around for a short period of time but have exploded in use over the past decade. Companies have striven to meet the intense demand, and so many implement a fleet of delivery trucks, vans, and drivers. These vehicles, unfortunately, now end up on residential streets and put pedestrians and other drivers at an incredible risk. We often hope and expect that companies and large corporations will put the safety and health of their customers over profits, but these expectations are rarely correct.

With more and more delivery trucks on our roads, it is becoming more and more dangerous just to commute to work, drive down to the grocery store, or even cross the street. That is why we at Peters & Nolan, LLC are so passionate about helping those injured by delivery trucks as well as holding companies responsible for their negligence. If you or a loved one have been hurt in a delivery accident that was not your fault, reach out to our Grand Junction vehicle accident attorneys at (970) 243-4357.

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Delivery Vehicle Accidents and On-Demand Services

There was once a time when waiting a week or more for a delivery was expected. Two-day delivery was practically unheard of, and if it were available then it would cost an arm and a leg. These days, we expect our packages to arrive only a couple of days after our order, and most of the time it costs just as much, or even less with the right subscription service, as standard five-day delivery.

This new delivery turnaround time has resulted in a fast-paced system that leaves many companies scrambling to keep up with. Unfortunately for us, it is the delivery drivers who end up taking a brunt of the stress. This is especially true for Amazon delivery workers, as the company is well known for its two-day delivery service. According to a joint article by ProPublica and the New York Times, Amazon delivery drivers are expected to deliver a whopping 999 out of 1,000 deliveries on time. That allows for a very little margin of error.

The expectations are also high for those that deliver for restaurants and grocery stores, as services like Postmates, Uber Eats, Grubhub, Doordash, and Instacart have made it possible to order takeout from almost anywhere. In order to keep up with the constant influx of orders for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even for a person’s weekly groceries, these drivers must work quickly and efficiently. This pressure, similar to the pressure placed on delivery truck drivers, can be difficult to cope with and may lead to reckless behavior and driving.

Commonly, we see delivery drivers who:

This level of pressure is dangerous, both for the delivery driver and for those on the road around them. Driving in and of itself is incredibly risky, and when high expectations, tight deadlines, and pressures to perform or risk being fired are added into the mix, it means that an accident is just waiting to happen. When it finally does, the consequences will be severe.

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The Consequences of Delivery Truck Accidents

Auto accidents can be incredibly dangerous. When two vehicles collide, a lot of force is exerted, far more force than our bodies can handle without becoming injured. Given that delivery drivers are often rushing to deliver their goods on time, it is unlikely that an accident with one is going to be slow or low impact. The victim of a delivery accident can suffer:

Sustaining any of these catastrophic injuries won’t just be physically painful, but be expensive as well. Recovering from a severe wound often requires medical intervention, which can leave you with a high bill afterward. On top of that, you will likely need to take time off work in order to heal. That means missed paychecks and financial strain.

But you shouldn’t suffer because of a delivery driver’s negligence. Filing a claim against the driver’s or company’s insurance with an experienced attorney by your side may be your best bet to receive the compensation you deserve.

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When Delivery Companies Are Liable

When filing an auto claim, the at-fault driver’s insurance is meant to pay for the damages caused. With delivery driver accidents, it can become complicated as to which insurance policy is used and who provides compensation. Different companies have different policies when it comes to their drivers and the accidents they may have caused.

Thankfully, most companies do offer liability insurance that can be used to pay for compensation when a driver causes or is involved in an accident. These policies are often extensive, with some offering as much as $1 million in coverage. However, there are some important expectations.

Neither Grubhub nor Instacart offer any sort of liability coverage for their drivers. If you were involved in an accident with a driver from either of these companies, you will have to file a claim against the driver’s personal insurance. While drivers in Colorado are legally required to have an insurance policy, it may not be enough to cover the damages you suffered. In addition, drivers for food delivery apps are expected to have commercial auto insurance policies, but most do not. If they are involved in a car accident, their personal auto insurance policy may not apply, and you would not be able to file a claim against it.

Amazon also refuses to have an insurance liability policy for its delivery drivers. However, there are many other reasons why a claim against an Amazon driver can be complicated.

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Amazon Van Accidents and Liability

Amazon delivery drivers are not actually considered Amazon employees. Rather, they are usually listed as independent contractors, as workers for delivery service providers (DSP), or as third-party providers. This is done very purposefully so that the company can try to shirk all responsibility for their drivers, despite also pressuring them to deliver 99% of all packages on time.

However, this has been challenged multiple times in different claims against Amazon due to the fact that they exert so much control over the delivery drivers. Essentially, the company treats these drivers as employees in all but name. It is not impossible to file a claim against Amazon and demand that the company compensate you for your damages. It is, however, both difficult and complicated. Alternatively, your claim may be with the delivery driver’s parent company, not Amazon, which should have a commercial auto insurance policy to cover them in an accident.

To determine who you can hold accountable for your injuries, you need a skilled and passionate attorney with you, guiding you through the process and fighting for your right to compensation.

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We Want to Help

A truly ethical company would never put profits over safety. Unfortunately, there are very few truly ethical companies in the world. That is why we at Peters & Nolan, LLC are so determined to assist those who have been victimized and injured by delivery companies and their drivers. If you were involved in a delivery driver accident that wasn’t your fault, call our firm at (970) 243-4357. We want to help you get back on your feet and receive fair compensation.

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