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Injured in a Motorcycle Accident Caused by Defective Parts?

There is no better area to ride than the Western Slope, a favored location for riders, both Grand Junction locals and visitors. The curving mountain highways and stunning scenery attract riders from around the state and other countries. Motorcyclists face a range of risks and must be on high alert, no matter where they ride – but when a motorcycle part fails, it is a sudden event that can't be predicted in advance.

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Death, Disability, or Serious Injuries: Bike Accidents in Grand Junction

The sudden loss of bike control is a disaster, as the rider is thrown onto the roadway with force and may suffer a secondary impact from other vehicle operators. These disasters can leave the rider seriously or fatally injured, or facing a lifetime of challenges, permanently disabled.

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Motorcycle Part Failure: When Accidents Happen.

Several motorcycle parts protect the safety of the bike. When one of these parts fails, the situation is of extreme danger. The types of components on a bike that, when defective, can cause a serious or fatal motorcycle accident include:

  • Defective motorcycle tires: Motorcycle tires are a critical safety feature, allowing the driver to grip the road surface, turn, and stop safely. When a tire is defective, causing a sudden blowout, the rider can be seriously or fatally injured.
  • Faulty brakes: Brakes that overheat, bind, or fail due to a defective master cylinder.
  • Defective kickstands: A kickstand that falls during a ride can cause a motorcycle crash that leaves a rider seriously injured. Several kickstands have been recalled.
  • Faulty clutch: A faulty or defective clutch cable, clutch lever, or clutch pack slippage puts the rider at high risk of a serious injury accident.
  • Fuel system failures: A fuel pump failure could lead to a stall and the risk of a crash. The sudden loss of power makes the bike exceedingly difficult to control, particularly in a busy traffic situation.
  • Dangerous motorcycle design: A motorcycle may have a dangerous design, whether sports bikes, dirt bikes, off-road models, or cruisers. When the motorcycle is exceptionally dangerous due to design, particularly for less experienced riders.
  • Handlebar defects: Loose or defective handlebars put riders at extreme risk, as the bike may be impossible to control.
  • Engine defects: An engine that overheats can cause burns, or an engine may be manufactured to shut off when too hot, putting riders at risk of an accident with serious or catastrophic injuries.

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Motorcycle Accident Caused by Defective Parts? The Steps to Achieve Justice

If you or a loved one was injured when a motorcycle component failed, you must take the correct steps, which begin as early as possible after the accident. Follow these steps to protect your right to the compensation you deserve:

  • Contact an attorney you can trust to fight for your rights and interests vigorously.
  • Call 911 if you are able.
  • Get transported by road or air to the closest trauma center.
  • Have a full medical evaluation, and undergo the treatments needed.
  • Keep a written record of your condition, pains, or suffering you experienced during your recovery.
  • Undergo the rehabilitation treatments advised by your medical team.

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Who is Liable?

When a motorcycle component fails, your attorney must identify the liable party or parties. These could include:

  • Parts manufacturer
  • Motorcycle repair firm
  • Motorcycle manufacturer
  • Bike shop

A full evaluation of the bike by a professional investigator will reveal what part failed and why. The parties responsible for the bike design, manufacture, or bike component can be named in a claim or lawsuit to recover damages for the injured rider.

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Types of Compensation – What is Your Case Worth?

Every case has unique facts. The types of compensation that can be pursued include economic damages, such as lost wages, the cost of medical treatments, reduced earning capacity, retraining, transportation, medications, prosthetics, nursing care, rehabilitation, and other associated losses. Non-economic damages will be sought, such as pain and suffering, loss of quality of life, emotional anguish, and other damages related to changes in lifestyle and abilities of the injured. At Peters & Nolan, LLC, we thoroughly evaluate the details to place a value on the claim or lawsuit filed for our clients.

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What We Do: Our Professional Process at Peters & Nolan, LLC

Once we take on a case, we move into action for the injured person or the family who has lost a loved one due to a motorcycle part failure. We may call upon our professional resources to evaluate the condition of the damaged motorcycle to identify defective parts or systems. We may interview eyewitnesses, review your medical records, consult with medical experts, and speak with you about what you are experiencing. Once we have determined the full scope of your losses, we will file a claim or lawsuit to seek compensation for all damages.

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