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Why a Black Box May Save Your Truck Accident Case

By Peters & Nolan, LLC on September 8, 2020

After being involved in a truck accident, you may have experienced just how hostile trucking companies can be when it comes to paying proper compensation. When filing a personal injury claim against a trucking company and their insurance provider, you will need all the evidence you can get. The best tool for obtaining that evidence, however, is sitting within the truck itself.

What Is a Black Box?

You may have heard the term “black box” used in the past when talking about airplane crashes. A plane’s black box is used to record important information that can tell investigators why an airplane accident happened, since they are usually completely fatal, and close to impossible to observe. However, most modern trucks now come equipped with black boxes as well.

A truck’s black box serves the same essential purpose as a plane’s. It records key information that can be used to determine why an accident happened. This can prove invaluable to you and your case, as it can tell you:

  • What the truck’s speed was before the collision
  • If and when the brakes were applied
  • Whether the truck suddenly sped up or stopped before the collision
  • If the truck driver was wearing a seatbelt
  • The pressure of the tires
  • Where the truck was located when the accident occurred
  • Any communications between the driver and the company they work for
  • How long the truck driver was driving before the collision

Having access to this information could help you in winning your claim and would clearly indicate whether the driver and their company had violated trucking regulations. However, trucking companies are aware of how easily this information could be used against them, and getting your hands on it may prove to be difficult.

Disappearing Evidence

A black box doesn’t hold information forever. In fact, most black boxes are specifically designed to overwrite their data within a set amount of time. For some boxes, this may be every few weeks. For others, it may be as quick as within ten minutes. If the black box associated with your trucking accident is not collected before the data is deleted, you may no longer have access to it.

Trucking companies know how easy it is to lose that information and will likely not tell you about the box in hopes that you don’t already know and won’t ask about it. Furthermore, they may repair the truck involved in your accident and send it back on the road before you even have time to request the black box data for inspection. That way not only will the information no longer be available, but the box itself will be as far away as possible. Getting your hands on a black box can be difficult. However, there are solutions available to you. When you contact a knowledgeable auto accident attorney, they can swiftly subpoena the box and contact local investigators to ensure the data is preserved for your claim.

Contacting an Attorney

As expert Grand Junction truck accident attorneys, our team at Peters & Nolan, LLC are well versed in black box investigations. We know how to get our hands on the key evidence that you need to win your case. If you have been involved in a truck accident, call our firm at (970) 243-4357 for a much-needed helping hand.

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