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When That Delivery From Amazon Turns Into a Nightmare

By Peters & Nolan, LLC on May 28, 2020

There was once a time when an order taking a week or more to arrive was the standard. These days two-day shipping reigns supreme, thanks, in part, to Amazon and their Prime subscription services. However, as our deliveries have faster and faster turnaround times, our roads become congested with delivery vans, all rushing to get their packages dropped off on time. This demand for fast service has, sadly, led to more dangerous roadways.

The Prevalence of Amazon Accidents

Amazon delivers, on average, 2.5 billion packages a year, according to a report by Forbes. As their popularity grows and grows, it is likely that that number will only continue to rise. Billions of packages mean millions of delivery trucks on our roads. With those staggering numbers, is it so surprising that accidents with delivery vans are so common?

Sadly, despite requiring its drivers to deliver its packages on time, Amazon treats them poorly, and the constant pressure to perform creates an environment that encourages drivers to put not only their lives at risk, but the lives of those on the road around them as well.

Drivers Face Non-Stop Pressure

No one pressures their delivery drivers quite like Amazon does. According to an article by the New York Times, Amazon delivery drivers are expected to deliver 999 out of 1,000 packages on time. That means they are given less than a 1% error margin. There aren’t many jobs where even one slip up could cause you to be let go.

As you can imagine, the pressure these drivers are under is intense. If they want to stay employed, they have to perform at 99.9% efficiency at all times. On top of that, these drivers are monitored using devices called “rabbits” that track movement as well as scan packages that have been delivered. It isn’t uncommon for Amazon to use the “rabbits” to weed out drivers that don’t perform fast enough.

Naturally, that means that they may feel the need to break the law, either by speeding, running red lights, or taking rolling stops at stop signs, in order to keep their job and deliver all of their packages on time. The intense pressure these drivers are under pushes them to behave negligently and erratically. Not doing so has the potential to lose them their jobs and source of income. Given that many average Americans live paycheck to paycheck, being unemployed for even just one week is untenable.

That being said, everyone on the road has a duty to drive responsibly in order to keep their fellow drivers safe. While it is understandable that an Amazon delivery driver doesn’t want to lose their source of income, they should also be held accountable for any injuries they cause due to negligent driving. Unfortunately, receiving proper compensation from Amazon is easier said than done.

The Difficulties of Holding Amazon Accountable

In order to shirk responsibility should one of their delivery workers cause an accident, Amazon does not consider its drivers employees. Rather, Amazon works through third-party delivery services that have their own fleet of delivery drivers. Of course, Amazon still insists on having very tight control over its delivery drivers, despite them not actually being employees of the company.

By distancing itself from the drivers, Amazon can claim that the company is not responsible, thus not liable, for any damages that the drivers may cause. This can make filing a claim against Amazon difficult, as normally the employer’s liability insurance covers damages and compensation.

However, while you might not be able to hold Amazon accountable, you can file against the third-party delivery company’s insurance policy. Amazon’s contracts with these services place all of the liability on the third-party company, meaning that in the event of the accident, Amazon will not be responsible for paying for property damage or bodily harm. These strict contracts place the liability on the third-party, who is expected to have a commercial auto insurance policy, which would allow you to file a claim against them if an Amazon delivery driver caused your injuries.

But delivery accidents can be extremely complicated, giving the extensive liability contracts and layers of services that are involved. To ensure you receive a fair shot at compensation, you will need the legal aid of a skilled Grand Junction truck accident attorney. If you or a loved one have been injured by an accident with an Amazon delivery driver, contact Peters & Nolan, LLC at (970) 243-4357 to find out what your options are.

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