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What Makes Truck Cargo So Dangerous?

By Peters & Nolan, LLC on December 28, 2020

Commercial trucks carry goods from place to place. Without them, our country’s economy would fall apart. We all rely on tractor-trailers for our food, clothes, and even our gasoline. However, the sad truth is that this service comes at a high cost. Truck cargo can be, and often is, incredibly dangerous, especially when truckers are lazy or reckless. After a cargo spill, the worst part is that the people who face the consequences will be the innocent bystanders, not the parties actually responsible for the spill.


Unlike other cargo trucks, a concrete truck, which can be identified by the large, cylindrical, rolling container on the vehicle’s back, cannot be driven long distances. Any concrete truck you see on the road will most likely be from somewhere close by. This is because concrete begins to dry and become unusable after just 90 minutes. This is actually good news, as truck driver fatigue is a leading cause of most trucking accidents – but not for concrete trucks.

However, the fact that concrete becomes unusable so quickly means that drivers will often feel pressure to rush to their destination. The longer they take, the more likely it is that the concrete cannot be used and will be wasted. This means that the trucker may take turns too quickly, speed, and even run red lights. That is likely to cause a cargo spill. Concrete itself is heavy, and, when spilled, could easily result in crush injuries to any nearby victims.


Wood is an important supply that every corner of the country relies on. As such, logging trucks, which can carry dozens of massive logs, each weighing hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds, are a common sight on the road. Given how heavy these logs can be, logging truck spills are not uncommon, and often result from restraints snapping due to an overlooked defect.

When these logs do spill, they often roll across the road, crushing pedestrians and cars alike. Given the weight and size, it is very hard to stop a log once it has started rolling, which means it could cause catastrophic levels of damage before it finally comes a halt. These kinds of spills often lead to brain damage, limb loss, and broken bones in the victims.

Gasoline and Oil

We all use gasoline and oil. If you have ever gotten into a motor vehicle, whether it be a car or a bus, then you have used gasoline. As commonly used resources, both gasoline and oil are transported across the country via tankers. These trucks don’t have the traditional trailer; instead, they have large metal tanks full of either gasoline or oil. While both of these substances are important to “run” our country, they are also incredibly dangerous.

Both gasoline and oil are highly flammable. That is why they are so useful as fuel. But that is also why they are so dangerous when spilled. The asphalt of the road can get hot during sunny days. One gasoline leak from a tanker could cause the entire truck to go up in flames, or even explode. Those unlucky enough to be caught in the fire could experience serious thermal burns.

Hazardous Chemicals

Tankers don’t just carry gasoline or oil. They carry a variety of chemicals, some liquid and some gaseous. While not all of these chemicals are dangerous, many, many are. When spilled, they could lead to fires, explosions, chemical burns, and poisoning in the people around them. Some particularly dangerous chemicals can even cause the eventual growth of cancerous tumors. That means, years later, you could develop cancer that came as a direct result of the cargo spill.

How You Can Recover

Being the victim of a serious cargo spill can, and likely will, have a serious impact on your life. From causing catastrophic injuries to illness to even death, cargo spills leave their mark. That is why you should seek proper compensation from the people who are to blame. With help from skilled truck accident attorneys at Peters & Nolan, LLC, you could receive the settlement that you deserve. To speak with a member of our legal team, call us at (970) 243-4357 today.

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