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The Latest Technology in Car Safety Is Here

By Peters & Nolan, LLC on July 27, 2020

With massive machines traveling at high speeds all across the country every day, it is no wonder car accidents are so devastating. Whenever these vehicles collide with each other—or with someone less protected, like a cyclist or pedestrian—everyone involved is bound to suffer a serious injury. Thankfully, as car technology advances, the industry finds new ways to help prevent accidents from happening altogether and keep everyone safe when they do occur.

Eliminating Blind Spots

After years of researching, testing, and engineering, new motion-detection systems have proven to eliminate blind spots altogether. Cars with this ground-breaking technology use two multi-beam radar modules in order to detect movement and other vehicles in a car’s blind spot. It will then alert the driver, so there is less of a chance of someone accidentally turning or merging into another car or a cyclist. On top of that, it also utilizes a cross-traffic feature, which can warn the driver if there is a car behind them while they are backing out of a parking spot or into a road. This system allows drivers to breathe a little easier, knowing that they will be warned if they are putting themselves or others in danger.

Keeping You From Swerving

For some drivers, staying within the lane can be difficult. Some naturally veer a little too much to one side, become distracted while chatting with a passenger, or have difficulty seeing properly at night. Drifting into other lanes is incredibly dangerous, especially on one-lane roads where a driver can enter oncoming traffic or veer off the side of the road. But new car models now feature visual and auditory alerts if the vehicle begins to cross into another lane.

Some versions of this system already exist, but the older models usually take control from the driver and force the car back into the correct lane. This can be jarring for the driver, and may even be dangerous, especially if they were attempting to avoid hazards in the road such as a pothole. This newer system sends alerts by vibrating the wheel, which can be incredibly helpful, especially if the driver has fallen asleep.

Automatic Emergency Braking

In contrast, other systems have taken a more hands-on approach to driver safety. While human judgment can be more precise than that of a computer, humans can also freeze-up in the face of danger. It may be obvious that a driver should slam on the brakes in order to avoid colliding with the car in front of them, but the fear and shock of an oncoming collision can cause a delayed reaction. Luckily, car designers have come up with a solution to that problem.

Automatic emergency braking (AEB) systems can detect oncoming collisions and immediately activate the brakes. It can also provide a warning to the driver, allowing them to act quickly. This may help eliminate human error when it comes to vehicle collisions and make the roads a far safer place to drive.

Protecting Pedestrians

During driving classes, everyone is taught to watch for pedestrians, but failing to check blind spots and distracted driving can easily lead to a pedestrian accident. However, a new system, called pedestrian detection (PD), can warn drivers when there is a pedestrian in front of the car. If the driver does not react in time, the system can also automatically trigger the brakes, avoiding a collision. There are also versions of the system that can detect cyclists in order to avoid a bike accident.

When Tragedy Strikes

While these new systems are impressive and will make our roadways far safer, they are not foolproof. Accidents can still happen because of human error, leading to catastrophic injuries and property damage. For some, the only way to properly recover without massive financial strains is by filing a claim for compensation. If you or a loved one have been injured in a car accident in Colorado, contact a Grand Junction car accident attorney at Peters & Nolan, LLC for expert help. Call (970) 243-4357 to schedule a free consultation.

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