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How to Reduce a Car Crash’s Deadly Impact on Kids

By Peters & Nolan, LLC on January 3, 2022

The death of a child is a parent’s worst nightmare. Unfortunately, child crashes continue to be a leading cause of death for children, as reported by CDOT (Colorado Department of Transportation). The agency reveals that two children under the age of 13 died every day in a recent year due to a vehicle accident. These collisions were the third leading cause of preventable injury for children from newborns to age 14.

Children Injured in Auto Accidents in Colorado: The Staggering Facts.

A child who is not correctly restrained in an approved car seat is at risk of suffering severe injuries or death. CDOT reports that about 59 to 84 percent of children in car seats are not correctly restrained. When a vehicle is in an accident, a child that is not secured as required, or incorrectly restrained, can suffer serious or fatal injuries, thrown around the interior of the vehicle or ejected. The injuries sustained could include:

  • Facial lacerations
  • Broken bones
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Amputations
  • Internal injuries
  • Internal bleeding
  • Fatal injuries

Children Ages 0 to 14 at High Risk of Serious Injuries or Death

Many children have lost their lives when another driver operates a vehicle unsafely. The accident can lead to loss of life, or permanent injuries that leave an innocent child disabled, whether physically, cognitively, or both. With 60 percent of injured children ejected from the vehicle, the need for proper child restraints cannot be overstated. Protecting your child is of utmost importance, and parents can take several steps to keep their children safe while riding in a vehicle.

  • Ensure you are using the car seat restraints correctly.
  • Never allow a child to ride in a vehicle unrestrained.
  • Ensure the car seat you are using is approved for use in Colorado.
  • Older children who no longer need a car seat or booster must wear seatbelts.
  • Have your child ride in the backseat of your vehicle.
  • Get help when purchasing a car seat to ensure you are choosing the right fit for the size of your child.
  • Ensure the chest clip is placed in the correct position.
  • Wiggle the seat to ensure the car seat base is secured as it should be.
  • If your child is traveling with another person, check the car seat yourself.
  • Check for recalled car seats before you buy.
  • Read and understand the manual before putting your child in a car seat.
  • Ensure proper strap tension and placement.
  • Get free assistance from a certified child passenger safety technician if possible.

Who is Liable?

If another driver was at fault in an accident, it might be obvious who is liable. In some cases, such as when a parent has not restrained a child in a car seat, the situation can be more complex. The extent of the injuries may be far more serious when a child is ejected from the vehicle, unrestrained, or improperly restrained.

The insurance company may claim that the parent held some liability for what occurred. After a child is injured in a vehicle accident, the parents are focused on helping the child recover. They are suffering extreme emotional anguish and may not initially consider the legal matter of compensation. However, the earlier a personal injury attorney gets involved, the better. A full investigation into the facts in the accident must take place before witnesses are harder to find or evidence is lost.

Types of Compensation

In Colorado, if another driver negligently operated a vehicle, a claim or lawsuit can be filed to recover compensation. The types of compensation include economic losses and personal losses. The valuation of a claim or suit will reflect the long-term effect on the life, health, and future of the injured child.

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